As 2020 draws to a close, 
Childcare, Internet Access, Parent Portal Support, Translation Services, Homework Assistance, and so much more!


Dear Friend of SPEF,

Stamford Public Schools is serving nearly 17,000 students throughout its 21 schools with a combination of in-school and virtual instruction. For many students, these new education models are challenging. In fact, hundreds of students have been identified as disengaged:  chronically absent and/or not participating in distance learning. 

Donate today. We urgently need your support to help us re-engage these children and their families through our new Here-to-Help family engagement program. 

Like you, we at the Stamford Public Education Foundation (SPEF) are worried about the children in our community, especially because these new learning models further magnify the inequities that exist in public education.  During this time of crisis, SPEF staff are working alongside the Stamford Public Schools district to connect with families to discover what their students need and link them with the appropriate school or community resource.

SPEF is here to help:  200. That is the number of students we are targeting to re-engage by year-end. We have begun our mission by:

  • Reaching out to each individual family using a newly established phone and text hotline staffed with multi-lingual personnel
  • Creating an information portal for individualized questions and/or concerns related to childcare and distance learning
  • Collecting and documenting the issues, concerns, and needs for each individual student and linking them with the best service provider
  • Continuing to monitor the progress of each student and track their individual success

But SPEF needs your help, too! With 25 years serving Stamford, SPEF has developed the solid infrastructure needed to build the Here-to-Help program. Being uniquely connected to the resources throughout Stamford, we can link families with the resources they need, including:  Childcare, Internet Access, Parent Portal Support, Translation Services, Homework Assistance, and so much more!

Now’s the time to meet the moment and eliminate barriers to education during this pandemic. Help us bring change to these 200 young lives by year-end. 

PLEASE MAKE YOUR TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION BY DECEMBER 31st! Your investment enables SPEF to continue being a leading provider of educational programs in Stamford.
Visit today! 

Thank you for your support.
We’re counting on you,

~ Matthew Quinones, SPEF Chief Executive Officer
~ Barbara Aronica-Buck, President, SPEF Board of Directors 

P.S.  SPEF NEEDS YOU!  We are targeting 200 students as we launch Here-to-Help, but we know the need is much greater; it will continue well into the new year. Make your donation today.


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